Other Side of Blue

Rakale Hannah is in the Studio Recording her Debut Album Other Side of Blue. If you missed the Kickstarter you can still become a backer by grabbing one of the rewards below. 
$22 - Album Download
Exclusive Pre-Release Album Download
$33 - CD Signed with Love
Signed Copy of CD with Thank you note plus Download
$44 - Limited Edition Vinyl
Signed Vinyl (Comes with CD and Download)
$55 - Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday Song Video on your birthday in 2018!  (comes with CD and Download)
$55- Andy Dooley Reward
Andy Dooley's - Vibration Activation™ Audio Program and a copy of the CD. 
$77 - T-shirt  - CD - Download
Other Side of Blue T-shirt, Birthday Video, Signed CD and Album Download
$88 - Kelly's Inspirational Wallet Card
A special, well crafted wallet card designed to remind you that your possibilities are waiting + Birthday Video and CD.
$99 - Vinyl - Tshirt - CD - Download
Vinyl - T-shirt, Birthday Video, CD and Album Download
$111 - Infinite Possibilities Course
Join my 2018 Infinite possibilities Course (3 -2 hour group sessions + 1 on 1 coaching session and receive CD and Album Download
$111 - Couples Package
Other Side of Blue Shirt, Birthday video, CD and Download x 2 for you and your boo. 
$444 - Be In My Music Video
You know you want a cameo in my music video. This guarantee's your placement in one of my music videos. You'll also receive shirt, birthday video and CD. 
$2200 - Executive Producer Credit
This reward comes with Executive Producer Credit in Liner notes, custom song, Birthday video, Inspirational Wallet Card, Shirt and CD
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